Firstlight News

August 2013

Using snow to keep warm

Ogilvy Wellington set us an interesting challenge recently with need to shoot a Snow cave scene for inclusion into one of the latest Energy Spots. Easy, New Zealand... winter... piece of yellow snow I hear you say, except to build a snow cave you need altitude and compacted snow. There was no budget for helicopters and to travel to the Southern Alps or even visual effects so we had to do the next best thing...improvise. It's what we have always done!

June 2013

Bear Grills

We found ourselves in the position of having to sacrifice cute little chocolate teddy's all in the name of energy efficient lighting. Working with a great little idea from Nigel and Steve which clearly illustrates the unwanted side effect of heat generated from a traditional incandescent light bulb as opposed to contemporary Energy saver light bulbs. Great fun to make and well received by audiences.

March 2013

Heat Pumps with a Hottie!

It is not very often these days that we get the opportunity to shoot a scampily dressed beautiful woman, but the new Mitsubishi Designer Series Heat Pumps for BDT and Generate allowed us to do just that. It was a pleasure to be able to work with local beauty Maya Gaebler as well as our friends at BDT and Rob and Matt Grindlay of Generate. The idea was to elevate the piece of equipment known as a heat pump into a stylish and desirable interior design product. CLICK HERE TO PLAY

October 2012

Suzuki Small Car Experts

These may be the only Car Commercials to be filmed in Wellington for a couple of years, how things change. The campaign highlights four models, filmed over four days and fourteen locations. Written by Alan Galbraith for Promotus with Animation and Post Production by Generate. A small but perfectly formed team and a lot of fun! CLICK HERE TO PLAY

October 2012

Hands off the Wof

An upfront Greg Murphy fronts up to the camera for MTA to encourage people to get involved with the debate about the Governments proposed changes to the Warrant Of Fitness regulations. Written by Alan Galbraith for Promotus and Post produced by Generate. CLICK HERE TO PLAY

January 2012

Fresh New Open Polytechnic TVCs

We have recently completed a series of spots for Open Polytechnic for Ogilvy.

Creative team Steve and Nigel designed these "And & But" scenarios to encourage people to look at extended tertiary education in another way.

They involve a combination of live action and animation which was completed by Teaspoon animation.

Produced by Mike Dorsey this was a great exercise involving the precision that animation demands while maintaining friendly likeable performances.

We think it looks fresh and feels good and we hope you do to. CLICK HERE TO PLAY

June 2011

Silverfox discovers Courtenay Place!

Courtenay Place - you've been there, enjoyed a night with friends, eating drinking dancing, perhaps slightly overindulging... well like all famous places there is now a song about it and a video to go with it.

Silverfox-aka Al Galbraith, created a rocking song and with no budget and armed only with a camera and the good Waka and friends we set out to rediscover Courtenay place.

We found it and the proof is at...

Hear the song, see the video get the moves now you can buy the music go to

April 2011

Kiwibank Business Case Studies

We began this series of Business Case Studies travelling to Christchurch on the 22nd of February, the day the big quake struck.

Six weeks went by before we could return to tell their stories. In total we travelled to eight different towns around the country talking with eleven different businesses.

It was fascinating to learn that although the business activities were all different they shared many common themes including the concept that success means listening to your customers having a shared vision and applying plenty of hard work.

To see how these people cope with growing their businesses in these challenging times go to

August 2010

Plenty of Energy left in EECA Energy Spot

After 12 months of Creating Energy Spots we are still going strong having completed a total of 25 to date.

These seem to be hitting the target with EECA happy that the campaign is exceeding its marketing objectives of increased awareness of and actual Energy savings.

The 60 Sec Spots for Ogilvy Wellington are filmed in bundles of 3 to 6 scripts in a Block, on locations mainly in Wellington but also, Auckland, Tokaroa and Blenheim.

By normal TVC standards these productions are relatively small and our carbon footprint is light, however the one area which we are high users, is transport.

During the process we sometimes have as many Clients on set as crew so maintaining the production in Wellington has meant a significant savings in air travel alone. Of course energy savings equals cost savings.

Sending Channel Dubs using Ebus Digital dispatch system also helps to reduce unnecessary travel.

The Challenge for Creatives Nigel Richardson and Steve Cooper is to keep coming up with fresh ideas that communicate the often complex energy usage issues and present solutions in a clear and simple manner, which also needs to be produced quickly for a predetermined budget.

Like all things that appear simple on the surface, there is a lot of detailed work by the Agency behind the scene. Ogilvy's team approach pays off with a commitment to clear communication and the end product quality.

We have found that everyone's interest in energy conservation has increased with crew members and post production people asking our clients for advice and further information.

June 2010

Mitsubishi Electric Advantage

How do we update the man in the lounge with a cat concept without giving away ground in the previous marketing position or undermining the presenter's authority?

Creative Director Rob Grindlay's solution was first to place him in a computer generated freezing gallery environment. This space populated with walls of generic competitive heat pumps, was created by John Shields of 3D cgi with Post and polishing by Matt Grindlay at Generate.

The spot seeks to clarify the unique product advantage of being specifically designed for heating as opposed to the competition where the heat is a side benefit of the cooling process.

Not an easy concept for many to grasp within 30 secs but our Talent Shane nailed his performance once again with simple direct communication.

March 2010

Suzuki Swift "Still the One"

Great summer or was it? While many people on the Kapiti Coast wondered if summer would ever come, it certainly did on the one Saturday evening in February when it was needed the most.

Alan Galbraith's concept was to create a real life beach party to celebrate the success of the Suzuki Swift in the NZ market and reward the owners by inviting them to join in the fun.

And that is what they did with the Raumati Park location presenting an evening right 'out of the box' which combined with Shelley Hirini and her driving backing band and Alan's superb musical production to create a genuine party atmosphere.

Filming it as a three camera real live gig had the advantage of keeping the energy up and managing a large group of people on a tight budget.

The cast of 120 extras, entertainers and performers reveled in the gig with the results glowing on film.

November 2009

Energy Spot for EECA and Ogilvy

When it came to produce a weekly 60 second presenter driven program to raise awareness of energy conservation issues, Ogilvy chose Firstlight Productions.

Being able to complete a different story each week without the security of a stage or set to rely on required a production format to deliver the quality on time and on budget.

The idea of the Energy Spot, devised by Stevie Cooper and Nigel Richardson, is to raise awareness and provide savings tips of Energy Conservation.

Everybody involved with the production have been giving their best to make it happen and so far it has been happening.

"I love doing walky talkies, and by the time we finish the present slate of 33 episodes, I hope to be really good at them!"

Agency producer Mike Dorsey and Post Production at Sauce, Wellington.